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Tamarind Hill Lunch Thai-mless Sundays

Tamarind Hill Lunch Thai-mless Sundays



Neo Tamarind

NEO-rotic : When dining is a state of mind

Ideally located in the heart of KL city, NEO Tamarind is a stylish luxe-lounge style restaurant with an innovative concept. With a mixology bar as well, it is inevitably a great place to chill and unwind any night. Where one can relinquish the everyday - drama to immerse in a neo-experience of delicious food by a very 'dope' chef, electro-chill music and a very colorful list of liquid desserts, whisky from its own single-malt cellar and hundreds of wine labels to choose from. Hence best described as 'NEO-rotic', dining within this domain feels sexy, satiating and quite a state of mind. NEO's kitchen is a special place from where eclectic Chef Sombat Kokasemkul weaves his magic, conjuring an innovative menu of what can only be described as 'global cuisine'; drawing inspiration from Asian flavours and using European techniques to transform the best ingredients into something delightful and fantastic.

NEO Tamarind is semi-open air with dining sections divided into AC glass rooms and alfresco. A comfortable hangout for non-smokers, the incredibly spacious floor is decked with lounging spots and long bar benches if you plan to straddle on a long night.

NEO Tamarind is a casual city dining venue. Quietly elegant, it sits on a hill like a lovers' nest hidden by green foliage. The interior, rustic-luxe and dramatic. Atmospheric enough to offer one the illusion of being out-of-town. Hypnotic liquid walls, a colossal chandelier and the galactic bar all fashioned by the effects of water, fire, sounds and light give NEO Tamarind its high style as a 'neo-rotic' dining destination. Where dining becomes a state of mind.